What is it?

The Catalonian Biomass Hub is the Clúster Biomassa de Catalunya e-platform which represents all associated manufacturers in order to ensure high quality biomass for heating purposes with a completely low-price and supply guarantee.




What it is providing?

Biomass from Catalonia, guaranteeing proximity, legal security, price stability and a high quality and supply guarantee.

Legal Security

The Cluster facilitates the supply contract types, validated and with reciprocal guarantees between seller and buyer

Price stability

The buyer will have a more stable price, so it means paying the real market price .

Quality Guarantee

Manufacturing companies that belong to the Hub are all Cluster Members, realize sustainable forest management, of Catalan origin and have all the mechanisms to ensure the quality of its product.

Supply Guarantee

Bring together many producers can guarantee the supply without any unscheduled stops in the centers of consumption.

Service request

Please fill the following form and the Cluster will automatically choose the most adequate solution according with the project necessities.

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